Each honey has a distinct flavor...and a unique story.

We pride ourselves in having distinct, location-specific honey. We are pleased to share with you these local specialties, which come from all across Minnesota.

It feels like the Tesla of honey. It’s honey that makes you think about the supply chain. It’s honey that actually educates you.
— National Geographic
Something really sweet is coming out of the pairing of bees and solar arrays — honey! The Boltons have started to produce Solar Honey from their hives
— Martha Stewart


Complex. Floral. Herbal. Good with tea.

These apiaries, located in Nevis and Akeley, MN among lakes, ponds, and bogs, are interspersed throughout the rolling hills of the North Woods. This land is covered in oak, maple, aspen, basswood, red and white pines. The name is inspired by the surroundings and by Travis Bolton’s band, Tree Party (treepartymusic.com).


Refreshing. Natural. Crisp. Good on toast.

This honey comes from Chiara Bolton’s 86-year-old grandfather’s hives, located in his North Oaks backyard, and from other apiaries throughout Washington County. Milton Benham owned Circle B Western Wear in Monahans, Tx and is a renowned woodworker.  Together with his wife of 68 years, Rene (a potter, stained-glass artist and water-colorist), they moved to MN to the be closer to family.  Despite battling cancers and a mild stroke, Milton still keeps bees in his backyard, builds bee boxes with Rene, and supports his granddaughter’s passion for the natural world.


Light. Rich. Smooth. Good with pancakes. 

Named after Frank—the landowner in Menagha, MN where this honey was produced—a man of few words. A precise, straightforward, kind, family man.  Frank emigrated from Hungary as a child, built his own home and delivered his own children. He lives a healthy, holistic life and is a true inspiration. Frank’s land, abundant with history, is surrounded by diverse trees, natural floral sources, and organic farming practices.


Robust. Strong. Distinct. Good with hard cheeses. 

Named after a landowner, this honey comes from the rolling countryside of Sebeka, MN-- an area in Northern Minnesota known for having rocky and heavy soil. This makes the land difficult to farm, but perfect for beekeeping. Interspersed within and around the vast fields of alfalfa is an immense wild flower bloom, which causes the flavor of this classic honey blend to become special and unique.

Solar Honey Jar.JPG

Solar Honey

Honey From Pollinator-Friendly Solar Arrays

Help save the bees.  This honey promotes the productive use of land under and around ground-mounted solar panels. Typically, that land is covered with turf grass or gravel. Meanwhile, one of the most important actions one can take to save pollinators is to have MORE HEALTHY HABITAT. Imagine if all solar arrays were pollinator-friendly. What a great impact solar arrays can have on the environment -- Solar Energy, Pollinator Friendly, and Local Beekeeping. 


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