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National GeoGraphic

Beekeepers Sweeten Solar Sites With the 'Tesla of Honey'

By Christina Nunez  June 24, 2017

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Martha Stewart

It’s Not Just the Bees and Flowers That Make This Garden Special --Something sweet is happening here.

By Ryan Adelson  May 24, 2017

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Smithsonian Magazine

Solar Power and Honey Bees Make a Sweet Combo in Minnesota: The Pollinator Friendly Solar Act has solar companies and commercial beekeepers working together

By Andrew Amelinckx September 5, 2017



Turning Solar Sites Into Pollinator-Friendly Habitats Is the Sweetest Idea

By Lorraine Chow Sep. 06, 2017


Modern Farmer

Solar Power and Honey Bees Make a Sweet Combo in Minnesota

By Andrew Amelinckx on September 1, 2017


Star Tribune

Ramsey energy company finds perfect pairing in putting bees, solar panels together

By Hannah Covington   April 29, 2017


Solar Energy Made 'Sweet' at Connexus

CTN Coon Rapids  April 28, 2017


Pioneer Press

Super bees that can survive St. Paul winters? You bee-tcha. This couple breeds ’em.

By Bob Shaw    May 14, 2017


Sustainable Brands

Pollinator-Friendly Solar Arrays in Minnesota Now Commercially Produce Honey

By Libby MacCarthy  May 22, 2017


Park Rapids Enterprise

A sweet arrangement: Couple develops hardy bees, solar gardens and location-specific honey

By Shannon Geisen   Jun 19, 2017


Solar Power World

May 2017 issue: The buzz around pollinator friendly solar plants

By Solar Power World Online Admin  May 28, 2017