The SolarHoney Company's (SHC) mission is to promote the productive use of land under and around ground mounted solar panels. Typically, cheap turf grass or gravel is placed under the panels. The SHC recognizes the great potential of what this land could be used for if it were planted pollinator-friendly.

Bees and other pollinators (butterflies, native bees...) are in serious need of healthy habitat.  As beekeeping farmers ourselves, we have personally felt the effect of unhealthy land (land that is sprayed with pesticides).  Bees are dying at an alarming rate— providing healthy habitat is one of the greatest responses we can do to help them. In addition, pollinator-friendly habitat reduces the amount of ground maintenance needed in solar arrays and it enriches the ground by having deeper root systems.


Bolton Bees is partnering with solar developers with pollinator-friendly solar arrays. The honey produced from the apiaries is called Solar Honey. We extract the honey separately from other locations. This creates a location-specific honey from a solar array. That honey is packaged in custom jars in order to promote the mission.