The Solar Honey Company's mission is to promote pollinator-friendly solar gardens and to help establish a national standard for honey produced in solar gardens--Solar Honey.  The Solar Honey Company encourages beekeepers across the United States to form partnerships with solar developers committed to pollinator-friendly locations and to create Solar Honey products. Promoting the Solar Honey brand will encourage public support of sustainable solar energy and help create healthy habitats for bees and other pollinators. 


Bolton Bees is partnering with solar developers with pollinator-friendly solar arrays. The honey produced from the apiaries is called Solar Honey. We extract the honey separately from other locations. This creates a location-specific honey from a solar array. Bolton Bees then packages that honey in a custom jar for the solar developers and/or companies who subscribe to the solar array. 

Those that we have partnered with in the past use these jars for multiple reasons-- but mainly it is great for public relations. Having honey from your solar array is newsworthy.  The honey is a tangible product that can be used to inform/remind people that you get power from a pollinator-friendly solar array.