5-Frame Nucleus Set

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5-Frame Nucleus Set


UPGRADE your purchase to include everything needed for a nucleus colony! 

We have had great success over-wintering our colonies in nucleus boxes and highly recommend using this method in your own apiary. This 5-Frame Nucleus Set includes three assembled and painted hive bodies, 1 painted bottom board, 1 inner cover, 1 telescoping lid. We will place the spring-made hive you ordered into the bottom hive body and have it prepared for you to transfer to your own apiary. The second and third hive body will each include 5 Frames with plastic foundation. You will use these as your hive expands. 

The price listed includes MN Sales Tax. Starter Colonies must be ordered separately. 


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5-Frame Nucleus Set Includes:

  • 3 Assembled and painted hive bodies
  • 1 Assembled Telescoping Cover
  • 1 Assembled Inner Cover
  • 1 Assembled and painted Bottom Board
  • 10 Additional Acorn Frames for the 2nd and 3rd story