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Purchasers of a nucleus colony from Bolton Bees will receive:

  • 3 frames of Brood (open and closed)

  • 2 frames of Honey/Pollen

  • 1 mated, marked Queen from our Minnesota-hardy hygienic stock

  • 1 reusable wooden transfer box

  • Our Guarantee of Quality Inspection

2019 Spring-Made Starter Colony
from 195.00

Available mid June/ Early July 2019
These hives are made in the spring from over-wintered genetics, but have yet to experience a Minnesota winter. 

These hives are good for a midseason re-Queen/boost to a failing hive OR  keep them as a nucleus colony and overwinter them. The following spring, transfer them into a production hive- They will be ready to smash a honey crop.   You will likely get surplus honey to extract for yourselves that following year (weather dependent). 

Another option (depending on experience)- transfer the colony into a single deep production hive box. Once the colony has expanded and needs space, place a queen excluder over that box. Place supers with drawn comb over the excluder. You will likely get honey this year. Feed the hive to weight in the fall (if needed) and overwinter as a single.  

Choose between the MN Metro Line or the MN Northern Line of genetics. The MN Northern Line withstands a winter that is on average 10 degrees colder and lasts considerably longer than winter in the Metro Area. 

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Bolton Bees offers discounts for Spring-Made Hives

  • 5-10 starter colonies = 5% off

  • 11+ starter colonies = 10% off