ATTENTION: We have temporarily halted honey sales while we are working bees in TX. Honey will be available in May!

4 Frame TX- Made Starter Colonies
4 Frame TX- Made Starter Colonies
4 Frame TX- Made Starter Colonies
4 Frame TX- Made Starter Colonies
4 Frame TX- Made Starter Colonies
4 Frame TX- Made Starter Colonies

4 Frame TX- Made Starter Colonies

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3-9 Colonies - $175 each // 10-49 Colonies - $170 each // 50+ Colonies - Call Us For Pricing

Available Mid-April/ Early May 2023

Bolton Bees TX-made starter colonies are made from healthy hives we manage in Texas from November through May. Each 4 frame nucleus colony received will have a mated queen and the brood in the hive is her offspring. This means that we do not put frames of brood together with a mated queen. We are queen breeders and raised a queen cell for the hive. The queen emerged, went on a mating flight, and laid the brood in the hive. This allows us to give the young hive an organic varroa mite treatment (Oxalic Acid Dribble) during the hives natural brood break.
TX-made hives have been bred with baseline genetics from the MN Hygenic line Italian bees. The major difference between the TX-made and the MN-Made (besides the pickup location) is that these hives have not been breed to withstand our long cold northern winters. 

We make them up in the spring in SE Texas and they are available for pick up mid-April to early May (weather dependent). Orders are pick-up only in Fannett, TX/ Winnie, TX area. All payments are due upfront. 

Purchasers of a 4 frame nucleus colony from Bolton Bees will receive:

  • 2-3 frames of Brood (open and closed)

  • 1-2 frames with Honey/Pollen/Foundation

  • 1 mated Queen

  • 1 reusable wooden transport box that you keep

  • Our Guarantee of Quality Inspection

We go through every starter colony prior to pick up and inspect the hive to ensure that they meet our high quality standards.


These hives are great for the first time beekeeper and the experienced beekeeper.

Transfer the established starter colony (4 frames) into your standard 8 or 10 frame equipment.

1) This is not a package of bees. It is an established functioning colony. All brood is laid by recently mated queen.

2) All starter colonies will have received an organic varroa mite treatment prior to pick up. Healthy, low mite load hives, will set you up for success.

3) You do not have to return the equipment. It is yours to keep and to use.

4) We are the beekeepers. We raised the selected the genetics and raised the queens ourselves. We do not buy other peoples hives and resell.

5) We like to give our customers time. We chat with you at pick up and always answer our phone and email.