ATTENTION: We have temporarily halted honey sales while we are working bees in TX. Honey will be available in May!

 Bolton Bees Starter Colonies

Bolton Bees starter colonies are bred for select traits: high honey yield, low mite load, favorable temperament and hygienic characteristics. These colonies are already established - meaning that we did not combine a Queen with brood from other colonies. Each Queen has laid the brood that you are purchasing, and all the worker bees and drones are her offspring. All hives undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure the best quality Queens. We are the beekeepers, we do not resell other beekeepers hives.

MN-Hardy Genetic Line

Note: only available in Minnesota

Spring made, winter ready. Our Spring-Made hives have over-wintered genetics. These Queens are genetically adapted to survive Minnesota's harsh northern climate. These hives are great for the beginner or the advanced beekeeper. All hives have gone through a quality inspection process to ensure that you receive a healthy hive with a marked and mated queen.

TEXAS-made starter colonies

Note: only available in Texas

Our healthy 4 frame TX-made starter colonies all have a marked and mated queen and the brood in the hive is her offspring. These hives have been bred with baseline genetics from the MN Hygienic line.The major difference (besides the pickup location and the southern accent) from the MN-Hardy Line is that these hives have not been breed to withstand our long, cold northern winters.
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