ATTENTION: We have temporarily halted honey sales while we are working bees in TX. Honey will be available in May!


Location Specific Honeys

Our hives have worked diligently to produce wonderfully complex and delicious honeys as unique as the people and places they're named after.  Pair them with cheeses, toast, or pancakes. Or a spoon from the drawer for that matter. You will not be disappointed.


Produced from apiaries located on pollinator-friendly solar arrays. This honey promotes the productive use of land under and around ground mounted solar panels. We recognize the great potential of what this land could be used for if it were planted pollinator friendly plants.

Custom Labeled Honey

Our honeys, your labels. Perfect for corporate gifts, wedding favors, gift boxes or private labeling. Your name it, or design it, and we'll put it right there on the jar. We have the capability to print a few labels for those special friends or hundreds for that growing client list.

$7 Flat Rate Shipping!
We want you to enjoy all our honeys have to offer. So, no matter how many jars you order, we'll only ever charge you $7 to get it to your door. 1 to 1,000, always $7.
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